Internationally patented Majamaja off-grid solution aims to minimise the ecological footprint of a building while providing comfortable and resource-optimised living space. No landscaping needed, just the natural surroundings how it should be.

The Majamaja concept was initiated by Finnish architect Pekka Littow. The inspiration comes from the Finnish archipelago, it’s human scale building tradition and the life harmony between human and nature. The interior design concept for the pioneering Helsinki off-grid retreat is conceived by interior architect Päivi Meuronen and the furniture design by industrial designer Joska Heikkilä together with the Majamaja team.  

In respect to this foundation, Majamaja applies a holistic approach that combines self-sustained green energy use, rainwater collection and a circular water clean-up system, with resource optimisation and functional space-usage. This combines with the use of healthy and natural building materials, timeless aesthetics and high-quality finishing. 

We welcome you to experience the new norm of off-grid living through short-term rentals at our pioneering off-grid retreat in Helsinki. Or to reach out through the contact page for any other enquiries.

Concept principles

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Majamaja Helsinki off-grid experience opened in summer 2021. You’re warmly invited to book your stay.