Pioneering Majamaja off-grid retreat open for bookings in Helsinki archipelago.


We warmly invite you to the pioneering Majamaja off-grid living experience in the heart of Helsinki archipelago. At Majamaja, you may wake up to the subtle sounds of seabirds, a whispering wind and gently rolling waves of the Baltic sea. A blend of harmony and coastal nature is combined with the purity of the wooden Majamaja design, offering comfortable shelter and sophisticated, yet modest, immersion in nature.


The inspiration for Majamaja comes from the Finnish archipelago, its minimalistic tradition and the living harmony between human and nature. It is a concept for a pioneering solution for future off-grid living with minimised environmental footprint, that allows you to reconnect with nature. The Majamaja concept was launched with a three months demo building exhibition in central Paris in summer 2019. The concept was initiated by Finnish architect Pekka Littow and has been co-developed together with a French-American technical team based in Helsinki and Paris.


Wilderness meets well-thought design and green technology. The Majamaja concept is based on premium architecture and resource-optimised wooden building system, combined with a patented off-grid technology for green energy production and water purification system. At the current stage, Majamaja specialises in:

• Off-grid concepts for ecotourism projects

• Sustainable land development projects

• Tailormade architectural services

All-in-one for off-grid living. The new standard is here.

All-in-one for off-grid living.

Traditional Solution



Bookings open for 2024 season visitors in. You’re warmly invited to book your stay.

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