The pioneering Majamaja off-grid retreat in Helsinki archipelago is a one-of-a-kind nature destination to experience the coastal life in an ecological and modern design setting.


An off-grid destination only a 10-minute boat ride (or a 40-minutes bike ride) away from the heart of the city of Helsinki where you may embrace a connection with nature, sea, wind and fresh air.

At Majamaja you may wake up to scenic sea views, the subtle sounds of seabirds, whispering winds and rolling waves of the Baltic sea. The blend of peace and harmony of a rocky coastline is combined with the purity of the wooden Majamaja living unit. Close to the city, yet so far away from everything. 


A truly unique set up, only a 10-minute boat ride away from the heart of the city and you can embrace your connection with nature, sea, wind and fresh air – off the grid and self-sustained – like it should be.

Majamaja Helsinki is a place where you can wake up to the subtle sounds of seagulls, whispering winds and mildly rolling waves. The unique mix of peace and harmony of an untouched coastline, combined with the purity and stillness of the wooden Majamaja living unit. Comfortable shelter, immersed in nature.

The off-grid living experience

Each Majamaja Helsinki living unit includes the following facilities:

  • Bedding for 1-3 people: 1 x double bed + 1 x wall-integrated single bed
  • Mattresses by Tempur for the best possible sleeping experience
  • Floor-integrated storage space for luggage and accessories
  • Wall-integrated dining table (or work desk) set up with 2 chairs
  • Small kitchenette facility with a stove, fridge and running water
  • Shower
  • Dry toilet
  • Unobstructed sea-views
  • Outdoor patio overlooking the coast

Off-grid designer cabin accommodation

A unique archipelago experience in Helsinki

Unobstructed sea-views of the Baltic sea

Tailor made options and activities

Additional options and activities also available to customize for your needs:

  • Scenic boat transportation from the Helsinki city centre (pre-booking needed)
  • Locally sourced food and drink packages (pre-booking needed)
  • Sauna experience (pre-booking needed)
  • Free parking for bicycles, cars & motorcycles available for customers

For more specific details, practical information and to book your Majamaja off-grid experience, please head to our Bookings page.